Welcome to Edcamp Hudson Valley!


Session Schedule: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/session-board/

Session Board Exampleshttp://edcamphudsonvalley.org/session-board/session-board-examples/

Session Location Map: Click on the map for a larger printable  version.


Resource Sharing Board: Lino Sharing Board 

Introduce Yourself Form/Responses: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/about-edcamp-2/introduce-yourself/

Smackdown Notes: http://bit.ly/edcamphvsmackdown14

Edcamp HV Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/EdCampHV

Opening Presentation Slide: http://bit.ly/edcamphv2014slide

Edcamp Hudson Valley (http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/), an education unconference, will be held at Poughkeepsie Day School in Poughkeepsie, NY on Monday, August 25th, 2014. Edcamp Hudson Valley will bring together educators and students from around the region for a day of sharing, learning, and innovating.

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  1. I am so glad that you are coming to the Hudson Valley. PDS is in my top five list of schools in the state, and the EdCamp NYC I traveled to two years ago is still a very vivid, fond memory of mine. I am still in awe of the mini-seminars, the two-feet rule (I think!), and that board on which we could monitor progress of the various events, Wunderbar!

  2. Zaption would love to sponsor you with some door prizes. Email me to talk more!

  3. Thank you, Frances! I just emailed Zaption. I appreciate your offer.

  4. Hello, Frances. Tell me more! This sounds very inviting, and hopefully, will feed the curiosity and further the digital probings of my students!

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