2 more days… Edcamp HV is almost here!


We are less than two days away from Edcamp Hudson Valley! We are so excited for the big day and we have been busy preparing for you all. Thank you so much to all who have helped us spread the word to other interested educators. Below are few new pieces of information and reminders that we would like to share with you…

1) News, Updates, and Information

As the event gets closer you will see our site, www.edcamphudsonvalley.org, transform into an information hub with resources that will help you prepare and find answers before you come on August 20th. The same resources that we post on the site (map of session sites, schedule template, links for resources, etc.) will also all be provided to you when you register the day of the event.

You can check out the last informational email that was sent here: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/2013/07/31/three-weeks-until-edcamp-hudson-valley-2013/

2) Sharing

If you have not done so already please take time to fill out the “Introduce Yourself” survey at: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/about-edcamp-2/introduce-yourself/

There is a link on the same “Introduce Yourself” page that will bring you to the responses. This will help you get to know the backgrounds, specialties, and inquiries of other Edcamp Hudson Valley attendees.

Thank you so much to those who have already filled out the survey!

3) Sessions and Equipment

We will use the main conference room for registration, opening welcome, and the planning/schedule building session. Located in the other half of the main conference room will be the location of some of the sessions hosted throughout the day. The main conference room is also the place where breakfast and lunch will be served. 

We will use the “Smart Room” located in Model Schools building for small round table sessions.

Toward the edge of the Ulster BOCES property is a modular building with a PC Lab as well as a meeting room where we will set up Mac laptops.

Edcamp HV volunteers will be around to help you find your way.

All session locations will have a projector with connectors. Also, Ulster BOCES has Wi-fi access campus wide. Feel free to bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has Internet access. This will allow you to check all of the online resources shared throughout the day!

A full map of session sites and the Ulster BOCES campus is posted on edcamphudsonvalley.org. A copy will be placed in your welcome registration bag. There is a link below in the additional links section.

4) Additional Links:

Check-in at the Ulster BOCES Conference Center starts @ 8:00 am on Tuesday! Be prepared to learn, share, and connect with fellow educators!

Below are some important resources and links; all will be posted conveniently on the front of the edcamphudsonvalley.org site soon.

– Location: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/location-venue/

– Session Location Map: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/about-edcamp-2/ulster-boces-map/ 

– Introduce Yourself Form: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/about-edcamp-2/introduce-yourself/

– Introduce Yourself Responses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnWTrdT13tFNdG5lWlI2eC1IV2FPTUV5MVpiU1NSNVE#gid=0

– Resource Sharing Board: Lino Sharing Board 

– Session Schedule: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/session-board/ This will be filled out Tuesday morning.

– Session Board Examples: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/session-board/session-board-examples/

– Session Location Map: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/about-edcamp-2/ulster-boces-map/

5) Questions- Feel free to send any questions to edcamphv@gmail.com.
Have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!


Mike from Edcamp HV

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