Edcamp HV Tomorrow!


We are so excited for tomorrow! Here are a few bits of information:

  • Try to get to Edcamp HV early tomorrow (8:30). This will help with parking and check-in.
  • Parking is available on both sides of the main building.
  • Granola bars, grapes, apples, pastries (Danish, cinnamon rolls, muffins) will be available in the morning.
  • Coffee, tea, and water will be available throughout the whole day.
  • Certificates (which can be used for inservice credit through your district) will be in the folder that we give you.
  • Wifi is available. Please only login on one device. This will help with bandwidth.
  • If you would like to present or facilitate one of the first sessions, please let an organizer know at check-in. Thank you to those who emailed us their suggestions already! Organizers will be in black/white Edcamp HV shirts.

Missed the 5 days prior email? Check here for loads of helpful information: http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/2017/08/23/edcamp-hv-2017-5-days-to-go/

Also, please visit our front page (http://edcamphudsonvalley.org/) where you can find Edcamp HV resources.

See you tomorrow!
– Edcamp HV Organizers

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