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Edcamp Hudson Valley

An educational UNconference for the Hudson Valley!

When: August 28th, 2017

Where:Poughkeepsie Day School

Edcamp Hudson Valley is FREE!

Edcamp Hudson Valley, an education unconference, will be held at Poughkeepsie Day School in Poughkeepsie, NY on Monday, August 28th. Edcamp Hudson Valley will bring together educators and students from around the region for a day of sharing, learning, and innovating. The event is run by volunteers and is available to participants at no cost.

What Does This all Mean?

Come enjoy a day with colleagues from the Hudson Valley area and beyond. Arrive with an idea for a session that you would like to lead or with the anticipation of a day full of learning. A session might explore a technology tool, a discussion about best practices, or a collaborative presentation with multiple facilitators.

Over the course of the day you will have the opportunity to attend multiple sessions. The rule of the unconference is to “vote with your feet”. If a session doesn’t meet your needs, simply get up and move on to another room.

You will learn something new, maybe make a new friend, and receive information that you can immediately apply in your classroom and professional life!

What is the Cost?

Edcamp Hudson Valley is free!

What Should I Bring?

Bring a friend. A laptop, tablet, or mobile device that can connect to wireless Internet is useful. It will allow you to view the session board online, take notes, and view websites discussed throughout the day.

How Do I Register?

Registration is online here: COMING SOON!

Here are some links, quotes, and videos from others regarding Edcamps…

Edcamp Vision and Mission | Edcamp Foundation

“Edcamps are:

  • free
  • non-commercial and conducted with a vendor-free presence
  • hosted by any organization interested in furthering the edcamp mission
  • made up of sessions that are determined on the day of the event
  • events where anyone who attends can be a presenter
  • reliant on the “law of two feet” that encourages participants to find a session that meets their needs”

Introduction to Edcamp: A New Conference Model Built on Collaboration | Edutopia

“Unlike traditional conferences, sessions are not planned or scheduled until the morning of the event using a scheduling board on which attendees can place an index card with their session on it.”

The power of ‘edcamps’ and ‘unconferencing’ | Washington Post

“Unconferences are part of the learning revolution. They’re participant-driven professional learning gatherings. The “un” refers specifically to the fact that there is no top-down organization, no high registration fees, and no vendors. Organization is democratic.”

Edcamp Delta | Simple K12

“This will be a chance not only to be energized by amazing people involved in education, but also to network with and build lasting connections to people who can help spark new ideas and support you in all areas of education.”

About edcamp | edcamp NYC

“By attending EdCamp, you are guaranteed to learn something new, make a new friend and receive information that you can immediately apply in your classroom and professional life!”

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