Introduce Yourself

Coming soon!

16 responses to “Introduce Yourself

  1. Susan Ardalan

    Ready to learn!

  2. Joseph Pascarelli

    I look forward to attending the conference.

  3. Joseph Pascarelli


  4. I am looking forward to learning and sharing more about digital education…. I am sure the EdCamp will be exciting, informative and very much fun.

  5. Ruthie Shaw

    Looking forward to the conference.

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  7. Natalie Harjes

    Excited to learn something new!

  8. I’m looking forward to Edcamp and becoming more aware of what teachers are using in their classrooms.

  9. Tory Biasotti

    I am looking forward to camp! See you soon!

  10. Looking forward to it!

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  12. Can’t wait!!

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  14. Rosellen Hardt

    Looking forward to some great sharing!

  15. Looking forward to it.

  16. Connie Weber

    Excited for Edcamp and learning from my fellow educators!

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